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The subdivision of the group of companies Crypos World was created in 2017. The main direction is investment in BlockChain technologies, namely: trading, mining, investments in ICO and development of neural networks

Our company is successfully developing in the territories of Great Britain, the USA and CIS countries. Our team employs some of the best specialists in finance, investment, business, cryptography, trading and programming. We suggest that you join the fastest growing company in the investment services market.

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Average profit for the whole period

External directions

Medium-term cases allow income from 5% to 20% daily. You can open a warrant with a minimum amount of $5



These cases allow you to get the fastest possible profit in the shortest possible time, however, the percentage of income is lower than in other cases


Internal directions

Serious cases for serious investors. Opening the order in one of the cases, you will receive income from 1.6% to 1.8% daily


Trading in crypto-currencies


Investments in ICO

Financial International

Mining of crypto-currencies

Industrial International

Neural networks

Energy Global

Second Life - ICO

Benefits Below is just the smallest advantage of the company CryposWorld
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Reliability of your investments

Investing with COMPANY NAME
You can be assured of the safety of your money and profit.

Stable dividend payments

Dividends paid to investors, in case of urgent rules, without any delays.

Best Affiliate Program

An attractive three-level affiliate program that allows you to receive stable and unrestricted income.

CryposWorld is registered in the UK with registration number 10653622

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Marketing Plan CryposWorld

We have developed an excellent marketing plan for you, which will allow you to receive a higher percentage of turnover Of your structure, to receive new statuses in the career ladder and bonuses from the company.

Leader Bonus

By increasing the turnover of your structure, you get new statuses and ranks, which significantly increases your profit.
In the first stage, you have the status of " Newbie "and you are available 3 level of interest 5% from the first line 3% from the second and 1% from the third line, when the amount of turnover of your team exceeds $ 5,000, You are assigned the status of "Partner".
Each partner receives a bonus of $ 500 and an increase in profits from the network to 6% -4% -2%. When the amount of turnover exceeds $ 50,000, You are assigned the status of "Representative".
Each representative receives a bonus of $ 5,000 and an increase in profits from the network to 7% -5% -3%.

Investor Bonus

Investor bonuses are automatically credited when the following conditions are met:
-the total amount of your investment is $ 50-your bonus for all subsequent;
-deposits will be 1% of the Deposit amount.
The total amount of your investment is$ 300 - your bonus on all subsequent deposits will be 2% of the Deposit amount.
The total amount of your investment is$ 1,000 - your bonus on all subsequent deposits will be 3% of the Deposit amount.
The total amount of your investment is$ 5,000 - your bonus on all subsequent deposits will be 4% of the Deposit amount.

Director bonus

This type of bonus is for the most ambitious and determined partners of the company.
Director get a bonus for the turnover of its network on a quarterly basis.
Turnover $ 100,000 – bonus $ 10,000 + Mercedes Benz C-Class
Turnover of 250 000 USD – bonus $ 25,000 + Mercedes Benz E-Class
Turnover $ 500,000 bonus $ 50,000 + Mercedes Benz G-Class
Turnover 1 000 000 dollars-bonus 100 000 dollars + Mercedes Benz S-Class

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